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Upendra and Bali-mardana took Srila Prabhupada’s request to write to him at least once every fortnight very seriously. In one such letter, Upendra had noted that it appeared that the Australian public did a great deal of reading. Prabhupada replied that this meant that there was a good scope for distributing books in Australia. Prabhupada stressed that there was already more than enough literature to satisfy the most voracious appetite for reading matter — the three volumes of Srimad-BhagavatamBhagavad Gita As It IsTeachings of Lord CaitanyaThe Nectar of Devotion and Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, as well as Easy Journey to Other Planets. Srila Prabhupada suggested that the Sydney centre also immediately order from Boston copies of the new Sri Isopanisad. The young men complied. 

Bali-mardana also reported to Srila Prabhupada that, considering the size of the crowds that congregated as the young men performed sankirtana, there appeared to be a good opportunity to present Krsna consciousness to Australia’s youth. He outlined his plans for chanting and book distribution on college campuses, starting with Sydney University. Prabhupada was happy to hear the news; Srila Prabhupada said:

I am pleased to learn about the arrangements which you have already made. Here also, in the States, … in two important colleges our Teachings of Lord Caitanya has been taken as a study course, and two other colleges have purchased lots of books for their students … The books and literatures which we are presenting are unparalleled, at least in the Western countries. So if you can convince the parties concerned, you can also introduce our books and literature for study in the university circle. So I am awaiting your report of the university meeting. Your sincerity of purpose will itself help you more and more, because the Lord is sitting within your heart and as soon as He sees that you are required to do something for His service, He will immediately give you all facilities.

Biographies and Glorifications of Srila Prabhupada-The Great Transcendental Adventure-‘This Novel Idea’– Early Days, 1968–1970-Kurma das

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