Mar 182017

By Urmila Devi Dasi

Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Here is a unit of activities for ages 2-18, centered around Lord Caitanya’s Appearance Day. (111 pages)

It’s designed for parents who homeschool, or who have their children in non-devotee school and want to do something in the mornings, afternoons, or weekends.

It can be used by devotee schools, once-a-week programs, or the festival coordinator who wants to do something special for the children for Gaura Purnima.

This is a first printing, and all comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome. We hope to produce many more of this, and with much expanded resources.

Schedule: If used for only one day, the activities can be the focus in the morning, and the general festival celebration in the afternoon and evening. Each festival can be the focus for a five-day week, with a concentration each day on one of the five most potent items of devotional service as related to that festival. This program is flexible and can be used in other ways. For example, it is entirely possible to take one item of devotional service and concentrate on it for more than one day, or even an entire week so that this guide could provide more than a month worth of activities. Uses: For children being home-schooled to enrich the devotional part of the program. For regular academic schools that are related to Krishna consciousness. For once-a-week schools, children’s clubs, and similar supplementary programs. For children in non-devotee schools as a supplementary program in the morning or evening.

Your servant, Urmila devi dasi

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