Feb 212017

Śrī Śrī Utkalika Vallari – verse 13 gopendra-mitra-tanayā dhruva dhairya sindhu pāna-kriya kalasa-sambhava veṇu nādam vidyā mahiṣṭha mahatī mahanīya gāna sammohitākhila vimohana hṛt kuraṅgām O Kṛṣṇa! The sound of Your flute is drinking the ocean of patience of the daughter of king Vṛṣabhānu (the friend of the cowherdking Nanda)! O Rādhe! You enchant the deer-like heart […more]

Dec 312016
Kusuma Sarovara is a very beautiful spot at Sri Govardhana

Kusuma Sarovara is a very beautiful spot at Sri Govardhana. This site marks a very unique pastime of Lord Krishna braiding the hair of Srimati Radharani. Just adjacent to this place outside is a temple dedicated to Sri Sri Radha Bana Bihari and under the beautiful and charming domes of Kusum Sarovara are the lotus […more]

Dec 252016

Ignoring your father, mother, children and other relatives, even though they are crying and not listening to the words of those who are authorities, hardening your heart to all of them, quickly take a look at the groves where Krishna enjoyed his dalliances. rudad api pitṛ-mātṛ-bandhu-putrādikam apahāya niśamya nārhad-uktīḥ | hṛdi parama-kaṭhoratāṁ dadhāno drutam avalokaya […more]

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