Jun 142016

Simha Guru: Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati’s Vaisnava dharma vs. theosophical humanism/impersonalism What follows is an example how Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati used the money collected by a Gaudiya Math devotee in the name of flood relief for his “Theistic Doll Exhibition”. This proves that he did not care so much for these flood relief activities even though it […more]

May 222016
The Villagers and the train. 

  Understanding the difference between impersonalism or the universe is all one consciousness, and personalism where we are eternal individuals where God (Krishna) is the Supreme individual Once upon a time many years ago, the British began building trains that would travel far and wide throughout India. In one of the villagers where the train […more]

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Mar 012016
Crossing the Border of Impersonalism

By Abhaya Mudra Dasi Iron Lust into Golden Love Where does the border lie between impersonalism and personalism? Who is the guardian of that border and who permits crossing the border from the impersonal to the personal understanding of the Supreme Absolute Truth? He is the bona fide spiritual master who drags us from the […more]

Feb 082016
The example of the rope and the snake

  … in the last verse and now in this verse Prthu Maharaja starts speaking about devotional service although it is mixed with knowledge. These two verses can be compared as jnana-misra-bhakti. And in the next two verses he will speak about pure devotional service. Prthu Maharaja is explaining the all strata beginning from the […more]

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Jan 302016

Tattva Muktavali (Mayavada-sata-dusani)  – PDF Sri Tattva-muktavali or Mayavada-sata-dusani The Pearl Necklace of Truths or 100 Refutations of the Mayavada Fallacy Text 1 All glories to Lord Krsna, who is simultaneously the protector of the faithful devotees and the devastating eternal time factor destroying the cruel demon kings. Krsna, the son of Maharaja Nanda, is […more]

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Jan 272016
According to their imperfect speculation

Those who are under the impression that there is material contamination in the form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and in His devotional service are called Mayavadi. According to their imperfect speculation, the impersonal Brahman is considered to be the only existence in the cosmic manifestation. As soon as the Supreme Personality of Godhead […more]

Jan 262016

Vaishnava and Mayavada – two incompatible ideologies few hints to understand what makes the two pilosophies so antagonists – 1 – – Mayavadis hold: Brahman, the Supreme Truth, is nirvisesa, (devoid of attributes), nirguna (without qualities) and nihsakti (powerless or having no potencies); and it is only illusion which causes the appearance of jivas (the […more]

Jan 262016

  A compilation from various authors nandanandana-kaisora lilamrita-mahambudhau nimagnanam kim asmakam nirvana-lavanambhasa We have now plunged into the great nectar-ocean of the transcendental youthful pastimes of Maharaja Nandaís son, Krishna. Of what use to us is the saltwater of impersonal liberation? (Sri Yadavendra Puri, quoted in Padyavali, 42) bhavantu tatra janmani yatra te murali-kalah karna-peyatvam […more]

Jan 262016

  MAYAVADI PHILOSOPHY:   Analysis and Refutation       Introduction: This outline will deal with 4 topics – A. What is Mayavada philosophy? B. How to defeat it with their own arguments. How to defeat it with Bhagavata arguments. The historical background of the rise of Shankara’s Mayavadi Vedanta in India.   Mayavada philosophy […more]