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Evening Darsana — August 9, 1976, Tehran

Prabhupāda: Spiritual training means first of all you must have little faith that “I shall be intimately related with God.” Unless you have got this faith, there is no question of spiritual training. If you simply remain satisfied, “God is great, let Him remain at His home, let me remain at my home,” that is not love. You must be eager to know God more and more intimately. Then the next stage is how to know about God unless you associate with persons who are simply busy in God’s business. They have no other business. Just like we are training people, they are simply meant for God’s business. They have no other business. How people will understand about God, how they will be benefited, they are simply planning in so many ways. So we have to associate with such persons who are convinced about God and trying to spread His knowledge throughout the world. You have to mix with, associate with them. First of all, you must have faith that, “In this life I shall understand thoroughly about God.” Then associate with persons who are busy with God’s business. Then you act as they are acting. Then your misconception of material life will be finished. Then you’ll have attachment. Then you’ll have taste. In this way you’ll develop love of God.
Ali: I already have the faith.

Prabhupāda: That you have to increase. Simply the preliminary faith, that is very good, but unless that faith is increased more and more, then there is no progress.

Parivrājakācārya: There is danger of losing that faith.

Prabhupāda: Yes, if you do not try to make progress and go forward progressively, then there is danger whatever little faith you have got, that will diminish.

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