Nov 142017

Lecture BG 09.01-2 – Melbourne

Complete knowledge. So if you read Bhagavad-gītā, you get complete knowledge.
So what Bhagavān says?

idaṁ tu te guhyatamaṁ
pravakṣyāmy anasūyave
(BG 9.1)
Bhagavān, Kṛṣṇa, is teaching Arjuna. So in the ninth chapter He says, “My dear Arjuna, I am now speaking to you the most confidential knowledge,”guhyatamaṁ. Tamaṁ means superlative. Positive, comparative and superlative. In Sanskrit, tara-tama. Tara is comparative, and tama means superlative. So here Bhagavān says, the perfect Personality of Godhead says, idaṁ tu te guhyatamaṁ pravakṣyāmy: “Now I am speaking to you the most confidential knowledge.”Jñānaṁ vijñāna-sahitaṁ. The knowledge is with full knowledge, not that imagination. Jñānaṁ vijñāna-sahitaṁ. Vijñāna means “science,” “practical demonstration.” So jñānaṁ vijñāna-sahitaṁ yaj jñātvā. If you learn this knowledge, yaj jñātvā mokṣyase ‘śubhāt. Aśubhāt. Mokṣyase means you get liberation, and aśubhāt means “inauspicity.” Inauspicity.

So our present life, at the present moment, present life means so long we possess this material body, it is full of inauspicity. Mokṣyase aśubhāt. Aśubhāt means inauspicity.

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