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Conversation Pieces — May 27, 1977, Vrndavana

Kīrtanānanda: We can’t be happy if you’re not well.
Prabhupāda: I am always well.

Kīrtanānanda: Why can’t you give us your old age?

Prabhupāda: When I see that things are going on nicely, I am happy. What is this with this body? Body is body. We are not body.

Kīrtanānanda: Wasn’t it Purudāsa that gave his father his youth?

Prabhupāda: Hm?

Rāmeśvara: Yayāti. King Yayāti traded his old age.

Kīrtanānanda: With his son. You can do that.

Prabhupāda: (laughs) Who did?

Rāmeśvara: King Yayāti.

Prabhupāda: Ah. Yayāti. No, why? You are my body. So you live on. There is no difference. Just like I am working, so my Guru Mahārāja is there, Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī. Physically he may not be, but in every action he is there. I think actually I have written that.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Yeah, it’s in the Bhāgavatam, that “He who lives with him, he lives eternally. He who remembers his words lives eternally.”

Prabhupāda: So I am not going to die. Kīrtir yasya sa jīvati: “One who has done something substantial, he lives forever.” He doesn’t die. Even in our practical life… Of course, this is material, karma-phala. One has to accept another body according to his karma. But for devotee there is no such thing. He always accepts a body for serving Kṛṣṇa. So there is no karma-phala.

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