Feb 142017

Mountain climbers risk their life to climb Mt Everest just to conquer the mountain, why? What’s the point Prabhupada says? Similarly he also says the same comments about space travel

Many ISKCON devotees are caught up in stupid youtube conspiracy theories these days that say the most ridicules things to ridicule the Moon landings and Space travel.

Unfortunately these devotees condemn the the ”meat eating Karmi rascal demon NASA employee” and say because they eat meat all space flight is a hoax.

But when the same meat eating ”demons” build 747s that get devotees to India or perform heart bye pass surgery on a devotee, it’s somehow different.

And yes it was Prabhupada who originally called all scientists rascals and demons but he did not really explain himself well as naive devotees labelled ALL scientists demons despite the fact their medical science saved Prabhupada’s life twice when penicillin was used on Prabhupada to clear an infection.

Remember such ”science” never existed before 1940.

Anyway those who study Prabhupada’s statements he was referring to ”what is the point of all this space travel?

And said they are like mountain climbers who risked their life to climb Mt Everest just to conquer the mountain, what’s the point?

Similarly this is the same with space travel what’s the point?

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