Apr 202017

Devotee: Many people are worried about nuclear war. They think it may come very soon.

Sridhar Maharaj: That is a point on a line, a line on a plane, a plane in a solid. So many times wars are coming and going; so many times the sun, the Earth, and the solar systems disappear, and again spring up. We are in the midst of such thought in eternity. This nuclear war is a tiny point; what of that?

Individuals are dying at every moment; the Earth will die, the whole human section will disappear. Let it be.We must try to live in eternity; not any particular span of time or space. We must prepare ourselves for our eternal benefit, not for any temporary remedy. The sun, the moon, and all the planets appear and vanish: they die, and then again, they are created. Within such an eternity we have to live. Religion covers that aspect of our existence.

We are told to view things from this standpoint: not only this body, but the human race, the animals, the trees, the entire Earth, and even the sun, will all vanish, and again spring up. Creation, dissolution, creation, dissolution—it will continue forever in the domain of misconception. At the same time, there is another world which is eternal; we are requested to enter there, to make our home in that plane which neither enters into the jaws of death, nor suffers any change.

Special thanks to Js Das / Jnana-sakti das for providing this quote !
Srila BR Sridhara Gosvami Maharaj shares his wisdom regarding ( Korean / Syrian ) war apprehensions:

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