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(Rajya-labha Parva)

“Janamejaya said, ‘O thou possessed of ascetic wealth, what did those
high-souled ones, my grandsires, the illustrious Pandavas, do, after
obtaining the kingdom of Indraprastha? How did their wife Draupadi obey
them all? How is it also that no dissensions arose amongst those
illustrious rulers of men, all attached to one wife, viz., Krishna? O
thou of the wealth of asceticism, I wish to hear everything in detail
regarding the behaviour towards one another of those rulers of men after
their union with Krishna.’

“Vaisampayana said, ‘Those scorchers of foes, the Pandavas, having
obtained their kingdom, at the command of Dhritarashtra, passed their
days in joy and happiness at Khandavaprastha with Krishna. And
Yudhishthira. endued with great energy and ever adhering to truth, having
obtained the sovereignty, virtuously ruled the land, assisted by his
brothers. And the sons of Pandu, endued with great wisdom and devoted to
truth and virtue, having vanquished all their foes, continued to live
there in great happiness. And those bulls among men, seated on royal
seats of great value, used to discharge all the duties of government. And
one day, while all those illustrious heroes were so seated, there came
unto them the celestial Rishi Narada, in course of his wanderings.
Beholding the Rishi, Yudhishthira offered him his own handsome seat. And
after the celestial Rishi had been seated, the wise Yudhishthira duly
offered him the Arghya with his own hands. And the king also informed the
Rishi of the state of his kingdom. The Rishi accepting the worship,
became well-pleased, and eulogising him with benedictions, commanded the
king to take his seat. Commanded by the Rishi, the king took his seat.
Then the king sent word unto Krishna (in the inner apartments) of the
arrival of the illustrious one. Hearing of the Rishi’s arrival Draupadi,
purifying herself properly, came with a respectful attitude to where
Narada was with the Pandavas. The virtuous princess of Panchala,
worshipping the celestial Rishi’s feet, stood with joined hands before
him, properly veiled, The illustrious Narada, pronouncing various
benedictions on her, commanded the princess to retire. After Krishna had
retired, the illustrious Rishi, addressing in private all the Pandavas
with Yudhishthira at their head, said, ‘The renowned princess of Panchala
is the wedded wife of you all. Establish a rule amongst yourselves so
that disunion may not arise amongst you. There were, in former days,
celebrated throughout the three worlds, two brothers named Sunda and
Upasunda living together and incapable of being slain by anybody unless
each slew the other. They ruled the same kingdom, lived in the same
house, slept on the same bed, sat on the same seat, and ate from the same
dish. And yet they killed each for the sake of Tilottama. Therefore, O
Yudhishthira, preserve your friendship for one another and do that which
may not produce disunion amongst you.’

“On hearing this, Yudhishthira asked, ‘O great Muni, whose sons were
Asuras called Sunda and Upasunda? Whence arose that dissension amongst
them, and why did they slay each other? Whose daughter also was this
Tilottama for whose love the maddened brothers killed each other? Was she
an Apsara (water nymph) or the daughter of any celestial? O thou whose
wealth is asceticism, we desire, O Brahmana, to hear in detail everything
as it happened. Indeed, our curiosity hath become great.'”

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