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(Viduragamana Parva continued)

“Vaisampayana said, ‘Hearing these various speeches, Dhritarashtra said,
The learned Bhishma, the son of Santanu, and the illustrious Rishi Drona,
and thyself also (O Vidura), have said the truth and what also is most
beneficial to me. Indeed, as those mighty car-warriors, the heroic sons
of Kunti. are the children of Pandu, so are they, without doubt, my
children according to the ordinance. And as my sons are entitled to this
kingdom, so are the sons of Pandu certainly entitled to it. Therefore,
hasten to bring hither the Pandavas along with their mother, treating
them with affectionate consideration. O thou of Bharata’s race, bring
also Krishna of celestial beauty along with them. From sheer good fortune
the sons of Pritha are alive; and from good fortune alone those mighty
car-warriors have obtained the daughter of Drupada. It is from good
fortune alone that our strength hath increased, and it is from good
fortune alone that Purochana hath perished. O thou of great splendour, it
is from good fortune that my great grief hath been killed!’

“Vaisampayana continued, ‘Then Vidura, at the command of Dhritarashtra,
repaired, O Bharata, unto Yajnasena and the Pandavas. And he repaired
thither carrying with him numerous jewels and various kinds of wealth for
Draupadi and the Pandavas and Yajnasena also. Arrived at Drupada’s abode,
Vidura conversant with every rule of morality and deep in every science,
properly accosted the monarch and waited upon him. Drupada received
Vidura in proper form and they both enquired after each other’s welfare.
Vidura then saw there the Pandavas and Vasudeva. As soon as he saw them
he embraced them from affection and enquired after their well being. The
Pandavas also along with Vasudeva, in due order, worshipped Vidura of
immeasurable intelligence. But Vidura, O king, in the name of
Dhritarashtra repeatedly enquired with great affection after their
welfare. He then gave, O monarch, unto the Pandavas and Kunti and
Draupadi, and unto Drupada and Drupada’s sons, the gems and various kinds
of wealth that the Kauravas had sent through him. Possessed of
immeasurable intelligence, the modest Vidura then, in the presence of the
Pandavas and Keshava, addressed the well-behaved Drupada thus:

“With thy ministers and sons, O monarch, listen to what I say. King
Dhritarashtra, with ministers, sons, and friends, hath with a joyous
heart, O king, repeatedly enquired after thy welfare. And, O monarch, he
hath been highly pleased with this alliance with thee. So also, O king,
Bhishma of great wisdom, the son of Santanu, with all the Kurus, enquired
after thy welfare in every respect. Drona also of great wisdom the son of
Bharadwaja and thy dear friend, embracing thee mentally, enquired of thy
happiness. And, O king of Panchalas, Dhritarashtra and all the Kurus, in
consequence of this alliance with thee regard themselves supremely blest.
O Yajnasena, the establishment of this alliance with thee hath made them
happier than if they had acquired a new kingdom. Knowing all this, O
monarch, permit the Pandavas to re-visit their ancestral kingdom. The
Kurus are exceedingly eager to behold the sons of Pandu. These bulls
among men have been long absent (from their kingdom). They as well as
Pritha must be very eager to behold their city. And all the Kuru ladies
and the citizens and our subjects are eagerly waiting to behold Krishna
the Panchala Princess. This, therefore, is my opinion, O monarch, that
thou shouldst, without delay, permit the Pandavas to go thither with
their wife. And after the illustrious Pandavas, O king, will have
received thy permission to go thither, I shall send information unto
Dhritarashtra by quick messengers. Then, O king, will the Pandavas set
out with Kunti and Krishna.'”

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