Apr 302016
Garuda-Govinda / Shakatikara (Chhatikara)

Photo galery at the end     GARUDA-GOVINDA / SHAKATIKARA (Chhatikara) The village of Shakatikara (Chhatikara) is famous for the temple of Garuda-Govinda and the place where Krishna enjoyed many of His boyhood pastimes along with His cowherd boyfriends. When Nanda Maharaja and all the inhabitants of Gokula were forced to leave their homes due […more]

Feb 072016
Nandagrama (Nandagaon)

Picture gallery at the end     NANDAGRAMA (Nandgoan) This is the famous village where Krishna lived with His so-called ‘foster parents’, Yashoda Mayi and Nanda Maharaja. After leaving Gokula because of the disturbance created by the demons, Nanda Maharaja first stayed at Shakatikara (Chhatikara), and then at Dig, and then at Kamyavana, before finally […more]

Feb 012016

JAMBUDVIPA. One of* the Puranically famous Saptadvipas (seven continents). These seven continents are embankments separating the seven seas. Jambtzdvipa, Krauncadvipa, Sakadvipa and Puskaradvipa are included in the seven islands.   Jambudvipa has an area of one lakh of yojanas. The island is round like a lotus flower. There are eight long mountain ranges which divide […more]

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Jan 312016

Pictures below   Parikrama of Varsana. VARSANA (Barsana) Situated high on a hilltop that overlooks Varshana is the majestically beautiful temple known as the Shriji Mandira. This is one of the most famous temples in Vraja and was built on the spot where Radharani once lived in Her father’s palace. The temple is also called […more]

Jan 292016

Baisi Pahacha:  Inside the temple complex there is are two outer rings of small temples and main temple is at the center. At the outer ring at the main entrance there are steps known as Baisi Pahacha or twenty two steps. Some says this name has come from the term outside steps (Bahya Pavacha). Great respect […more]

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Jan 272016

Ekachakra is a small village, located 20 km away from the town of Rampurhat in the Birbhum District of West Bengal. In the Maha-bharata it is said that the Pandavas stayed in Ekachakra during their years in exile. It is also famous as the birthplace of Nityananda Rama (b 1474 CE), a principal religious figure in […more]

Jan 162016

1) General information. The mount Mahameru has an area of eighteen thousand nazhikas (Indian mile of i Ko6a) and a height of two thousand nazhikas. On the eastern side of this mount there are two mountains called jathara and Devakuta. Pavamana and Pariyatra are the two mountains on the western side. On the south there […more]