Oct 252018

Dear Guru Maharaja Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to You and S.P. Can you please tell me how to deal with people that make me very upset and offend me .I do not know how to manage my anger .you have already told me the cause of my anger but I have yet […more]

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Oct 082018
Just like bubbles in the ocean

Sivananda Dasa: “Srila Prabhupada told me that he wanted to open a bank account. I took him to the nearest branch of the Hamburger Sparkasse, on Eimsbutteler Chaussee. A young woman attended us, and while she filled out the forms, I tried to get a glimpse of the checks that Prabhupada wanted to deposit. But […more]

Oct 072018
You have become a little agitated

76-08 “I am sorry to learn that you have become a little agitated regarding the publication of an article in our Back to Godhead magazine. It is certainly unpleasant, but the officers who publish the magazine do not know satyam bruyat priyam bruyat, in this material world only palatable truth should be spoken. Unpalatable truth […more]

Sep 092018
Message of Godhead Karma-yoga

Factually, also, in no country other than India have the great sages endeavored so much for the realization of the spirit self. It is admitted that in the Western countries the people have done their best to advance in the culture of material science, centered on the material body and mind. But it is admitted, […more]

Sep 092018
Message of Godhead Transcendental Knowledge

We offer our most sincere and humble obeisances to our spiritual master, who is all merciful and the savior of the fallen. He dissipates the darkness of nescience by opening our eyes with the probe of knowledge transcendental. He reveals this transcendental knowledge for the benefit of all people. We are very proud of our […more]

Sep 072018
Nārada-bhakti-sūtra Attaining Perfection 84

ya idaṁ nārada-proktaṁ śivānuśāsanaṁ viśvasiti śraddhate sa bhaktimān bhavati sa preṣṭhaṁ labhate sa preṣṭhaṁ labhata iti Synonyms: yaḥ — one who; idam — this; nārada-proktam — spoken by Nārada; śiva — auspicious; anuśāsanam — instruction; viśvasiti — trusts; śraddhate — is convinced by; saḥ — he; bhakti-mān — endowed with devotion; bhavati — becomes; saḥ […more]

Sep 072018
Nārada-bhakti-sūtra Attaining Perfection 83

ity evaṁ vadanti jana-jalpa-nirbhayā eka-matāḥ kumāra-vyāsa-śuka-śāṇḍilya-garga-viṣṇu-kauṇḍilya-śeṣoddhavāruṇi-bali-hanūmad-vibhīṣaṇādayo bhakty-ācāryāḥ Synonyms: iti — thus; evam — in this way; vadanti — they speak; jana — of ordinary people; jalpa — of the gossip; nirbhayāḥ — unafraid; eka — of one; matāḥ — opinion; kumāra-vyāsa-śuka-śāṇḍilya-garga-viṣṇu-kauṇḍilya-śeṣa-uddhava-aruṇi-bali-hanūmat-vibhīṣaṇa-ādayaḥ — the Kumāras, Vyāsa, Śuka, Śāṇḍilya, Garga, Viṣṇu, Kauṇḍilya, Śeṣa, Uddhava, Aruṇi, Bali, Hanumān, […more]

Sep 062018
Nārada-bhakti-sūtra Attaining Perfection 82

guna-māhātmyāsakti-rūpāsakti-pūjāsakti-smaraṇāsak ti-dāsyāsakti-sakhyāsakti-vātsalyāsakti-kāntāsakty-ā tma-nivedanāsakti-tan-mayāsakti-parama-virahāsakti-rūpai kadhāpy ekādaśadhā bhavati Synonyms: guṇa — of the (Lord’s) qualities; māhātmya — to the greatness; āsakti — attachment; rūpa — to His beauty; āsakti — attachment; pūjā — to worship; āsakti — attachment; smaraṇa — to remembrance; āsakti — attachment; dāsya — to service; āsakti — attachment; sakhya — to friendship; āsakti […more]

Sep 062018
Nārada-bhakti-sūtra Attaining Perfection 81

tri-satyasya bhaktir eva garīyasī bhaktir eva garīyasī Synonyms: tri — in three ways (by his mind, body, and words); satyasya — for one who is truthful; bhaktiḥ — devotional service; eva — alone; garīyasī — most dear; bhaktiḥ — devotional service; eva — alone; garīyasī — most dear. Translation: Devotional service is the most precious […more]

Sep 042018
Nārada-bhakti-sūtra Attaining Perfection 80

sa kīrtyamānaḥ śīghram evāvirbhavaty anubhāvayati bhaktān Translation: When He is glorified, the Lord swiftly reveals Himself to His devotees and allows them to know Him as He is. Purport: The Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam describes how Nārada attained direct perception of Lord Kṛṣṇa. After Nārada heard about Kṛṣṇa from sages who were visiting his house, he continued living […more]