Oct 282017
The Benefit of Reading Srila Prabhupada’s books

Lectures Bhagavad-gita As It Is Lectures Very good. Lecture on BG 2.1 — Ahmedabad, December 7, 1972: Indian: I am reading Gītā from my childhood. I like it. Prabhupāda: Very good. Indian: Yes. So I think your Gītā will give me some more reflection. Prabhupāda: Yes. I am explaining as it is. I am not […more]

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Oct 272017
So Much So Little By Bhaktimarga Swami At Moundville, West Virginia - 23rd Sep 2017

It was my first time attending a retreat of the Bhaktivedanta Medical Association (BMA) held this year at the location of the New Vrndavana country ashram.  When I was invited as a special guest, I was flattered.  I have no medical background and, thus, what qualifies me, really, for being at such an event? In a certain amount […more]

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Oct 272017
Back in West Virginia By Bhaktimarga Swami At Moundville, West Virginia - 22nd Sep 2017

For the second day of fall, I find the weather not bad.  I have no network available in these hills of West Virginia, but it feels like in the 80s Fahrenheit.  It’s humid, too.  The evening will likely be substantially cooler.  We used to call these conditions ‘Indian Summer’, but I heard that is now politically incorrect to say.  Is […more]

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Oct 262017
Different But The Same

Every devotee is an individual. We are not all stereotypes – all walking the same and all saying Hare Krsna in the same way. No, we are individuals who have a role to play and a contribution to make. That is what we are meant for. That is the higher plan. But when Prabhupada said, “Please, […more]

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Oct 222017
Shared Statement of the GBC Body & HH Hridayananda Das Goswami

October 16, 2017, GBC Midterm General Meeting On October 15th and 16th, HH Hridayananda Das Goswami and HG Brahma Tirtha Prabhu met with the GBC Body and a special subcommittee to discuss some mutual philosophical concerns and Krishna West. The committee members included the GBC Executive Committee–Bhakti Charu Swami, Madhu Sevita Das & Bhaktivaibhava Swami–as […more]

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Oct 162017
The Magic Of Gratitude

By Sacinandana Swami The sanksrit word for gratitude is krtajna – which translates literally as “knowing what has been done.” Krishna’s gratefulness Krishna is aware of any service done for Him – whether it is recognized as important like constructing a big temple, which is visited by millions, or whether it goes unnoticed like the […more]

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Oct 152017
The Clouds and Rain By Bhaktivedanta Swami At Toronto, Ontario - 29th Sep 2017

By Bhaktivedanta Swami  One of our younger members, Rukmini, delivered the class today based on the chapter, once again, “Description of Autumn.”  The image of clouds keeps coming up in this chapter.  Clouds are viewed in both negative and positive tones according to Vedic thought.  The concept is rather classic and universal. If someone says to you, “You’ve got […more]

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Oct 152017
What You Live You Give

By Mahatma das Yamuna devi said in an interview on the film, Women of Bhakti, “When you live bhakti, you give bhakti.” It’s true. What you live is what you give. I once attended a workshop facilitation training in which we were taught that many people will come to our trainings with the mindset of […more]

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Oct 142017
Something Came Up in the Class By Bhaktimarga Swami At Toronto, Ontario - 28th Sep 2017

By Bhaktimarga Swami  I delivered the message, or class as we say, from the Bhagavatam, Canto 10, chapter entitled, “Description of Autumn.”  In the purport of today’s verse, number 15, an explanation is given of what is considered beautiful in a person of devotion; it is the quality of tolerance.  Those of us in the class dwelt on […more]

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