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Brahma Kunda

Brahma Kund was formed by the tears of Lord Brahma when he regretfully cried for the mercy of Lord Krishna.

Once Lord Brahma doubted the supreme powers of Lord Krishna and tried to examine him.

In order to test his powers Lord Brahma stole all his gopa friends and cows.

But to his extreme surprise, he saw that all the Gopas and Cows which he had stolen were already there with Lord Krishna.

These were created and were imaged to be live with the divine powers of Lord Krishna.

Thus he realized the supreme personality of Lord Krishna and asked for his forgiveness at this place of Brahma Kund which was actually formed by his tears.

According to another story, Purnamasi Devi had Lord Shiva bathed in this Kund to get the form of gopi in order to witness the loving pastime of Rasalila.

It’s here in this Kund that Shrila Rupa Goswami found the sacred deity of Vrinda Devi, the goddess of Vrindavan.

There is a sacred Ashoka tree on the northern end of this Kund which is blessed with the unusual flowers.

When Mirabai came to Vrindavan spent her first night on the eastern ghat of this Kund.

There is a white marble deity of Lord Brahma in the center of the Kund to commemorate its importance and also present at the far end of Kund, the images of six Goswamis of Vrindavan along with the image of Mirabai carved out of white marble.

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