Sep 162017

Visvakarma fue el más grande de todos los arquitectos y el principal exponente del Vastu-shastra. Visvakarma realizó grandes obras arquitectónicas, y tal vez, una de las mayores fue la construcción de una gran ciudad rodeada de murallas en el medio del océano. Esta obra majestuosa la realizó a pedido de Sri Krishna hace ya 5.000 […more]

Sep 112017
The Brahma Sutras Of Bhagavan Vyasa

The Brahma Sutras Of Bhagavan Vyasa Sri Vyasa wrote the Brahma Sutras or the Vedanta Sutras which explain the doctrine of Brahman. Brahma Sutras are also known by the name Sariraka Sutras, because they deal with the embodiment of the Supreme Nirguna Brahman. ‘Brahma Sutras’ is one of the three books of the Prasthana Traya, […more]

Sep 052017

  People in this age eat their food without washing beforehand. Monks break their vows of celibacy. Cows are kept alive only for their milk. Water is scarce. Many people watch the skies, praying for rain. No rain comes. The fields become barren. Suffering from famine and poverty, many attempt to migrate to countries where […more]

Sep 032017

    The creeper named syama-lata becomes free from bitterness before it produces fruits. Even before fully ripe, the fruits are soft, tasty, and tempt­ing. Similarly, though not fully mature, Krishna’s body displayed a tantaliz­ing charm. As a necklace acquires more attraction when strung with dif­ferent jewels, similarly, the elegance of Krishna’s body enhanced from […more]